Fit Rovers, Club Doncaster Foundation’s showcase health and wellbeing project, has once again reached new heights because of the work of its passionate volunteers.

Over the past few weeks, the role of a volunteer at Fit Rovers has increased but has not gone unnoticed.

Doncaster Half Marathon

The Doncaster Half Marathon, which took place on Sunday June 9, saw the volunteers receive high praise from event organisers and runners alike.

Boasting a team of 18 committed volunteers, Fit Rovers took over two water stations on the run route. From here, the group of volunteers shouted words of encouragement to the runners, whilst also manning the two water stations throughout the race.

Jo Woodmancy, a runner from the half marathon, said: “I completed the Doncaster Half Marathon but only because of the efforts from Keith and Craig from Fit Rovers.

“I arrived at the final water station in tears and wanting to give up. Keith and Craig left the station and stayed with me until I crossed the finish line and received my medal.

“I cannot thank them and Fit Rovers enough – I ended the day with a huge smile on my face.”

The constant aid and support given to the project by volunteers at Fit Rovers has also contributed to improving the course itself, whilst also offering a variety of different experiences and sessions for the participants to enjoy on a weekly basis.

Neil gives back

Neil Barron, a Fit Rovers graduate himself, who recently offered up his spare time to lead the delivery of boxing sessions, stepped up on Thursday night to deliver a unique rugby session to the current Fit Rovers course.

A former rugby player himself, Neil volunteered to deliver the rugby session, stating how volunteering allows him to give back to the project.

He said: “It is very rewarding to be able to put something back into a project like Fit Rovers, which continues to help others.”

“I will continue to help out; I owe it to the project. It has allowed me to do so much.”

The volunteering has not stopped there, with plenty of Fit Rovers veterans being involved in other events that have taken place throughout the calendar year.

Volunteering on the move

Veterans Craig Swift, Wayne Tomlinson and Kenny Raggett all volunteered during the Fit Rovers play on the pitch at the Keepmoat Stadium, whilst Craig and Ken Harwood have become makeshift mini bus drivers for Club Doncaster Sports College.

Craig and Ken would drive the Sports College students to Selby College for their exams, before returning the students back to the College. These acts have highlighted not only the strength of the Fit Rovers programme, but also the volunteering opportunities available at the Foundation.

Alex Hobson, volunteer coordinator, said: “Volunteering has become a major part of the Fit Rovers project.

“It’s great to see the ethos of Fit Rovers transcend to those who didn’t take part in the half marathon, but still attended to help support and motivate runners.”

For more information on Fit Rovers, please visit the Fit Rovers page or call the team on 01302 764663.

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